Kallappam- Kerala Traditional Appam recipe with Toddy

Kallappam- Kerala Traditional Appam recipe with Toddy


raw rice - 1 cup
grated coconut - 3/4 cup
yeast 1/4 tsp
sugar -2tbs
cumin - 1/2tsp
garlic -1clove
shallots - 3-4
salt as needed


wash and soak the rice for minimum four hours
grind the soaked rice into a coarse paste, first
take 2.5tbs of coarsely ground rice into a sauce pan to make rice cream [kappi kachiyatu]
add 3/4cup of water into this and cook on medium flame until thick, stirring continuously
when it is ready, turn off the flame and allow it to cool
meanwhile dissolve the yeast in a few water along with 1/2tsp sugar
now grind the 'coarsely ground rice' into a fine paste
pour this into a vessel
further grind cumin,shallots and half amount of coconut along with yeast dissolved water
now add sugar, cool rice cream [kappi kachiyathu] and remaining coconut into the mixer jar
grind them for a few seconds and add into the ground rice
mix very well 
add more water if necessary;do not make the batter too thin or too thick
cover it and keep it in a warm place for fermentation
 fermentation time varies depending on the weather condition; for me it took four hours
add needed salt into the fermented batter and mix well
pour a ladleful of batter into a medium hot pan
do not spread the batter
when holes appear on top cover it and cook for a while
flip it when the bottom is golden in colour 
remove from pan when both sides are cooked
repeat the same with the remaining batter
serve the soft and delicious appam along with your favourite curry

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